Mainstream videogames are becoming boring and homogeneous. If not an endless line of bandwagon-jumping franchises and depressing macho-pandering brown-walled mediocrities, then cheap finger-sliding distractions or cynical shape-throwing embarrassments.

TV-GAME Fan loads up the consoles, handhelds & arcade machines of the past in search of an alternative — the true spirit of videogames!

This isn't sentimental nostalgia, nor history lesson. These are videogames that have something to offer right now; the ones you've missed, the ones you know, maybe ones you'll never have heard of before. With a healthy Japanese bias, we'll be playing some of the most curious, captivating & enjoyable videogames out there.

Let's play!

TV-GAME Fan: 001

Arabian Magic
Taito, 1992
Jikkyo J-League 1999: Perfect Striker 2
Nintendo 64
Konami, 1999
Street Fighter II
Capcom, 1992

TV-GAME Fan: 002

Kakutou Denshou: F-Cup Maniax
Nintendo 64
Genki, 1999
Super Mario Bros. 2
Famicom Disk System
Nintendo, 1986
Robotron: 2084
Vid Kidz, 1982

TV-GAME Fan: 003

Super Ghouls n' Ghosts
Super Famicom
Capcom, 1991
Star Wars Episode I: Racer
Nintendo 64
LucasArts, 1999
Puyo Puyo SUN 64
Nintendo 64
Compile, 1997

TV-GAME Fan: 004

Tiny Toon Adventures
Super Famicom
Konami, 1992
Wip3out: Special Edition
Psygnosis, 1999
Rhythm Tengoku
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo, 2006

Equipment & Recording

My recording equipment & general presentation skills (to say the least) need a bit of work. I hope that doesn't put you off from watching – you do get used to it after a while. As time goes on though, I will look to improve, particularly my audio recordings. I would very much welcome any ideas, assistance or comments from viewers on how I go about it.

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